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10 Fun Tennis Drills You Can Practice Without A Court

#11 – Bonus Drill – Hit Off The Wall 5 minutes of forehand groundstrokes (topspin) 5 minutes of backhand groundstrokes (topspin) 3 minutes of forehand slice 3 minutes of backhand slice 3 minutes of serves (first and second) 5 minutes of volley practice

How to Practice Tennis Alone: 9 Solo Tennis Tips & Drills

Solo Tennis Drills for Serving Throw the ball above your head with your non-racket holding hand Keep your hand in the same position as when you released the ball Catch the ball in that hand, without moving your arm or hand to catch it.

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Tennis Drills - Super Tennis Racquet

You can use only service boxes for this drill. Consider this a mini tennis match but without a racket or tennis ball. We are using a z-ball or reaction ball for this drill. How to: Stand in the service box while your partner is also standing in the service box on the other side of the net.

12 Essential Tennis Drills For Beginners & Kids of All Ages

12 Essential Tennis Drills for Beginners & Kids Warm-Up – Running the Lines. Before your students even begin to hit, I’ve always found it helpful to build some... The Frying Pan. If your player is a complete beginner and just getting started with tennis, it can be extremely... The Dribble. This next ...

How to Practice Tennis Indoors Without a Tennis Court ...

How to Practice Tennis Indoors Without a Tennis Court? Practice your Tennis Grip. You do not need a lot of space to do this. Stand with your feet planted firmly in the ground,... Work on your Hand-Eye Coordination. Pick up a racket and a tennis ball and do a whole lot (a few hundred) bouncing ...

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1000+ Free Tennis Coaching Drills - Sports Mom Survival Guide

Tennis Drills For Every Level. Find numerous effective tennis drills that anybody can do on a court. Fortunately tennis allows itself to a variety of options for practice, both with racket and ball or without. With many great tennis drills, a coach or friend is needed to feed you balls to get as many repetitions as possible in short amount of time.

How to Practice Tennis at Home 🎾🏡 | Off the Court Tennis Drills

Tennis is on standstill with courts closed all over the globe. However, now that we have more time on our hands and are stuck at home we should continue to k...

Creative Tennis Drills & Games for Kids | SportsRec

Agility Ladder Drill. Tennis players need to be agile and quick. The Agility Ladder drill helps players practice the combination to improve these combined skills. Place a long ladder down on the ground so the rungs form boxes. The players should stand in line and practice this drill one at a time.