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Noa | Soccer Spirits Wiki | Fandom

According to the Soccer Spirits art book, Noa's age is 18. Sam and Noa were choices for the first rare card that could be obtained in the game. Sam and Noa were the only 3☆ cards that could be Extreme Evolved. They were then changed to SR rarity. Noa lost the Championship Match against Sam.

Owner Noa | Soccer Spirits Wiki | Fandom

Event Character. Story. (Soccer Spirits 5th pre-registration event gift manager) Noa became rich with the parts of legacies of Nebrion. Now she is investigating her money, wishing to make a team that will conquer the Galaxy League, which could be held anytime. Evolution Materials. x4 x3 x2. 128,000. Availability.

Team Sam vs Team Noa : soccerspirits

Noa is way better, she looks awesome while Sam looks ugly in all forms. She's still in my team, waiting for Beatrice to come take her place or Bora. 1. level 1. Whipsy. · 7y [DnT] Sanji. upvote for this entrance, team noa for me, sucker for cute girls in school uniforms. 1.

Has anyone checked out the 7 star Sam or Noa? : soccerspirits

This can be confirmed by looking at the Noa screenshots posted - at 5 stars level 50 full superb, she has 137 Power * 1.5 from superb = 205. Then multiply by 1.5 again from two special trainings = 307 at 7 stars level 50 full superb (rounding down each step). Haven't seen screenshots for Sam, but by the same logic, he'd have exactly the same stats.

Semiweekly Player Discussion & Guide: Sam & Noa (January 2017 ...

Being at the best condition and having the best team by his side, Sam heads to the Galaxy League with excitement and anticipation. Lore - Noa. Growing up under the parenthood of famous soccer players, Noa naturally grew up as a girl that loves soccer.

Soccer Spirits Miniature (Chibi) Legend Skins, Sam/Noa April ...

Recording all the miniature skins in one video for future references + story for sam/noa match for anyone who missed it.Club Apocalypse/Mugiwara are recruiti...

⌈Soccer Spirits⌋ Yuki 30tpu + Noa NO Mercy G Ali /Catharsis ...

Quote: "They can't use any of that Uber XBox Pen Resist if you have 0 Pen"Opponent Goalkeeper: Ali 30tpu with XBox Legend Unique StoneOpponent Team: G Rank (...