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Hindi One Minute Game For Kitty Party: क ल म प

Give one sheet to each member in your kitty party and explain them the game. The challenge here is to write four names of fruits, flowers, vegetables & ornaments from the Hindi letters- क ल म प. The lady who writes the maximum correct answers in one minute will be the winner of this game. Answers for Hindi One Minute Game For Kitty Party

Indian Ladies Kitty Party Game in Hindi: सब्जियों के नाम खोजो

This is a one minute party game and we got a minute to win it. The host got the printouts of the game sheet which she distributed among the kitty members and explained us the game. She had written many sentences on a paper in Hindi and the challenge was to search the vegetable’s names in those sentences.

One Minute Hindi Game Ladies Kitty Party

This is an interesting One Minute Hindi Game for Ladies Kitty Party where the ladies have to guess the movies names with the help of character names in the movie. One Minute Hindi Game Ladies Kitty Party Things Required: Print outs of the game sheet shown above. Pens; How To Play. Download the above image.

Hindi Written Kitty Party Game: Guess The Hinglish Words

The first letter is written in English and the rest of the word is written in Hindi and the players have to guess the correct answer and write it down in one minute. The player or the team who writes the maximum correct answers in one minute will be the winner of this game. Hindi Written Kitty Party Game Answer Sheet

Kitty Party Game In Hindi-Fill up the blanks-Paper based Game ...

kitty party games for ladies in Hindi-This game is ready to print paper-based game which is free downloadable. All a player has to do is read the full statement and fill suitable one ENGLISH alphabet in the blank space. Great for Makar Sankranti, Lohri,new year kitty party game a fun game for kids as well. Ready to play quiz games for kitty party.

Kitty party game in Hindi-One and half letter game | Kitty ...

Hello ladies, Today I am going to share with you all a one more very interesting game in Hindi language- its a written games for kitty party in Hindi with answers-A paper based game, ready to play, printable and freely download available. Just like the previous one hindi alphabet game , where only one hindi alphabet should be filled in the blank. Here, In this game you have to fill the space with one and half hindi letter!

Ladies kitty party game in hindi: Movies Antakshari

After one minute ask everyone to drop their pens and take their papers.This is a very simple and nice Ladies Kitty Party Game in Hindi and suits best for ladies kitty party of all ages. The lady who has written maximum number of Hindi movies in a minute will be the winner of this ladies kitty party written game. You can arrange this game both as team game or individual game. If you have teams in your kitty party, give a paper to each team and if you don’t have teams, give one paper to each ...

One Minute Hindi Kitty Party Game: Bollywood Dialogues ...

Check this one minute Ladies Kitty Paper Game in Hindi, best suitable for the Indian ladies especially the middle-aged ladies kitty party.Hindi party games. Kavita Sunil Kitty party games