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Get ready for Cricket World Cup in 2019. The sport of cricket has a vernacular all it's own. Here are some of the popular sayings and idioms that originated here. Hat Trick, googly, LBW, sixer.

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2. be cricket – to play fair, to use gentlemanly conduct (usually used in the negative) Example: “The way the CEO treated the Finance Director was not cricket” 3. to hit someone for six – to surprise or shock someone Example: “When Sally told Charles she was leaving him, it hit him for six“ 4.

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idioms and expressions from cricket. Many idioms originated from cricket and here is a list of them with pictures and examples. Cards & Gambling. Dancing.

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Unfair, unsportsmanlike, as in It's not cricket to let him go without notice. This term, in which the sport of cricket is equated with upright behavior, survives in America despite the relative unfamiliarity of the sport there.

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Here’s A List Of 20 Phrases Cricket Commentators Are Obsessed With. Without commentary, cricket won't be half as exciting as it is. Imagine a century without someone screaming magnificent ...

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Cricket Slogans, Sayings and Mottos Cricket Slogans and Mottos. Cricket isn’t life or death. It’s much more important. Teamwork makes the dream work! East... Best Cricket Slogans. Leave nothing undared. Attitude is everything. There can only be one #1. One Team, One Fight. Your... Funny Cricket ...

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Glossary of cricket terms & sayings. · Boundary, four: forearm waved horizontally at waist height. · Boundary, six: both arms raised above the head. · Bye (s): one arm raised above the head. · Dead ball: arms crossed and uncrossed below waist height, with call of 'dead ball'. · Leg-bye (s): ...

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Answer: I've heard people use the following and I am guessing they all came from Cricket. 1. Getting on the front foot : Meaning to take control of the situation 2.