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Basketball - Referee Signals DRAFT. 4 years ago. by whenz. Played 160 times. 0. K - 12th grade . ... This quiz is incomplete! To play this quiz, please finish editing it.

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When you’re watching basketball as presented by the NCAA, you might find it difficult to keep up with how the players, the scoreboard operator, and even those who maintain the broadcast can respond quickly to certain calls by the referee without being able to hear them. It’s all down to hand gestures and signals, and today we’ll see if you can tell us what each of them means!

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Can you click the Basketball referee signals when given an infraction or play?? Test your knowledge on this sports quiz and compare your score to others. Quiz by t_rev19

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Referee BasketballViolations Signals. Walking or traveling. (not bouncing the ball while walking) Illegal or double dribble. Carrying or Palming the ball. Over and back (half-court violation) Five second violation. Ten seconds (taking more than 10 seconds to get the ball over half court) Kicking (intentionally kicking the ball)

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by burlywood66Plays Quiz Updated Sep 8, 2013. Quiz Rating Details. Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star. How to Play Forced Order. Also try: NFL Team Name Origins.

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A2 replaces thrower-in A1 on a designated-spot throw-in. b. A2 replaces thrower-in A1 on a non-designated-spot throw-in. c. A2 steps out of bounds while thrower-in A1 is still holding the ball on a designated-spot throw-in. d. Thrower-in A1 hands the ball to A2, who is on the playing court. Correct!

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As he moves, the referee signals him for what violation? A. Traveling. B. Double Dribble. C. Charge. D. Talking 10. ____ The team getting possession of the ball at the beginning of a game is determined by: A. A coin flip. B. The faster average team time for a mile run. C. A jump ball. D. Who knows the referee better

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The national federation high school basketball exam below is a 2008 / 2009 NFHS Basketball Referee practice exam, which will help you, prepare and gauge your knowledge before the actual exam. All the best and enjoy.

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Test Your Game Rules Knowledge with These Sports Officiating Quizzes. Test your knowledge of sports game rules in sports officiating quizzes prepared by the editors of Referee magazine for NASO. Here are some sample questions from the quizzes, which you can receive by going to Referee.com: Football. Fourth and three for team A from its own 27 ...