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How to Dig a Volleyball Techniques for Defense

How to Dig a Volleyball Anticipate and move to the ball Get your forearms under the ball Lean into the ball as you make contact Dig the ball at the midline of your body if you can If you have to reach outside your body, extend and angle your arms in the direction of the target

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Executing the Dig Download Article 1. Get low and lean forward. Get into a low "ready" position, even lower than you would to receive a serve. 2. Place your arms in a receiving position. When the spike is imminent, stretch your arms, pressed together from hands... 3. Move to meet the ball. Remember ...

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Volleyball Dig Technique Stance. Before you can dig the ball, you must get into the proper stance. Have your feet a little more than... Traditional Dig. Good players can anticipate the play and head to a spot on the floor before the ball arrives. You want... Dive. If you cannot get to a ball on your ...

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The players will start in a line far 8 to 10 feet away from the box. The idea is that they are digging from the back of the court and aiming for a target area that the setter can work with. When the coach hits, the digger must dig the ball in a way that they can catch their own dig as close to the target as possible.

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The volleyball dig can keep your team in the game and is a key skill to develop. When the ball is attacked by your opponent, your job is to keep the ball from hitting the floor. A dig is a pass of a hard-driven ball from the other team. Like a pass, your arm position and platform remain the same.

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Hands On Dig. A dig in volleyball should always be performed with both hands, if possible. Two hands provide a much better tool for controlling the volleyball from going out of bounds. When a volleyball player is able to figure out where the ball is headed, they should put their arms and hands together.

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Hands start low in front of the body and swing up to strike the ball upwards. Strike the ball with the lower forearms. Follow through with the hands pointing towards the intended target or the sky...

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1. Collapse. From a low defensive position, a player might collapse to the ground in order to make a last second move to... 2. Sprawl. Anticipating the ball falling out in front of them, a defender might use the sprawling technique to take a... 3. The dive. This is similar to the sprawl except the ...