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Sunday, November 07, 2021
  • Boris Johnson, Boris Johnson hairy portrait, uk hairdresser hair art work, Boris Johnson hair art, salon woman british pm hair portrait, viral news, odd news, indian express

    basketball olympics final 1992

    Davina Fox from Somerset in England collected all the hair she had trimmed over the course of the pandemic and used strands of various hues to create a mural of the British Prime Minister

  • tennis lessons mountain view

    A kind constable of the NSW police force is being hailed as a hero online after he agreed to “rehome” the boy’s pet following repeated noise complaints from neighbours.

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  • new zealand couple find huge potato, world heaviest potato, doug heaviest potato, guinness world record big potato, viral news, odd news, indian express

    tennis serve kinesiology

    The current record according to the agency’s website for the heaviest potato is a 2011 monster from Britain that weighed 4.98 kg (nearly 11 pounds).

  • happy diwali, pak cm wish happy holi on diwali, pak minister holi wish gaffe, sindh cm wish holi instead of diwali, viral news, pakistan news, indian express

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    Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah’s office shared a Holi creative to wish people with him posing alongside a riot of colours.

  • cat puzzle, spot the cat, find the cat viral post, optical illusion, hidden animal puzzles, find hidden cat pic, viral news, indian express

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    While some initially thought it was “just a trick” to fool them and there as no feline in the picture, others said they “took way longer” than they thought would require to spot the animal.

  • squirrel holding hands with woman, squirrel holds rescuers hand, squirrel rescue, cute squirrel videos, viral animal videos, indian express

    png basketball federation

    Throwing light on the precious interaction, the woman explained that she formed a special bond with the squirrel called Turkey when she cared for it last year.

  • doge meme, shiba inu doge memes, dog behind doge meme turns 16, Kabosu turns 16, doge meme dog Kabosu, doge meme valuation, indian express

    today match live

    Kabosu from Japan, netizens’ most loved meme which has noted admirers like Elon Musk, inspiration various cryptocurrencies, including Dogecoin and Shiba Inu celebrated the special day with a small party.

  • elephant, orphaned paralyzed elephant viral video, Sheldrick Wildlife elephant, trending, indian express, indian express news

    soccer coach equipment checklist

    While the rescue team was not sure when the injury happened, Kerrio’s semi-paralysis state was a cause of concern.

  • Wolf Blitzer, Wolf Blitzer endinburgh, Wolf Blitzer cop26 endinburgh, cop26 glasgow, cnn reporter wrong city cop26 summit, viral news, indian express

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    The veteran news anchor, Wolf Blitzer, 73, tweeted about the presence of “20,000 world leaders and delegates” from nearly 50 miles east of the actual summit, baffling many online.

  • man in china rescues dog, delivery driver rescues dog hanging in elevator, dog stuck in elevator door rescued by delivery driver china, trending, indian express, indian express news

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    In a 1.28-minute clip, the dog is seen walking into the elevator with its leash trailing behind. Moments later, its leash gets stuck between the doors.

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  • jake paul, elon musk, elon musk 6 billion dollars to un, jake paul 10 million dollars to UN, Jake paul world hunger donation clause, viral news, indian express

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    While some defended him saying that’s how “social media influencers work for charity”, others argued “if he has that kind of money, he should simply donate it regardless”.

  • 34-carat diamond Featonby's Auctioneers northeast England, Round Brilliant Cut Diamond, trending, indian express, indian express news

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    A picture of the diamond, as well as a detailed description of it, was shared on the official account of the auction company Featonby’s Auctioneers and Valuers.

  • Pakistani news anchor Alveena Agha banana interview Khawaja Naveed Ahmed viral video, Pakistan, trending, news channel, indian express, indian express news

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    The clip concludes with the news anchor continuing to laugh while adding that the country needs to focus on research and development for better growth

  • joe biden, joe biden asleep video, cop26 summit, biden asleep climate summit, biden doze off cop26, viral video, indian express

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    A video footage shared by The Washington Post journalist Zach Purser Brown created a huge buzz online, where the POTUS looked visibly tired and struggled to keep his eyes open.

  • Halloween costumes, Halloween costumes viral video, best Halloween costumes viral, twitter reactions, indian express, indian express news

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    Every year on October 31, Halloween is celebrated to commemorate the eve of All Saints Day.

  • elon musk, elon musk wep, elon musk world hunger, musk billion 6, UN World Food Programme, indian express, social media viral,

    tennis courts maryborough qld

    The Tesla and SpaceX CEO was reacting to an interview of UN World Food Programme Director David Beasley in which he urged the world’s wealthiest to “step-up” and help find a solution to starvation.

  • man pride flag store viral tweet, father support lgbtqia, man puts pride flag to make customers feel more inclusive, trending, indian express, indian express news

    soccer referee cards meaning

    The tweet was soon flooded with appreciative responses from netizens, many of whom asked Constantellis where the store was located

  • Tom Hanks wedding on Santa Monica beach viral video, Tom Hanks wedding viral video, Tom Hanks trending, Tom Hanks crashes wedding, indian express, indian express news

    razorback basketball image

    A video of the wedding ceremony, which has now gone viral, features the 65-year-old actor congratulating the couple and happily posing for pictures with them.

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  • thailand woman cuts rope painters left hanging viral video, Thai painters left dangling woman cuts rope viral, trending, indian express, indian express news

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    The incident led to an investigation where the 34-year-old woman, who first denied severing the rope, later confessed after being shown CCTV footage and forensic evidence. But she denied that she had any intention to kill the workers.

  • rolling stones, Robot recreates Rolling Stones' 'Start Me Up' dance, mick jagger, rolling stones famous songs, trending, indian express, indian express news

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    The video is a collaboration between the English rock band and robotics company Boston Dynamics to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the ‘Tattoo You’ album.

  • Veritasium, youtube Veritasium, youtuber rents helicopter to solve physics question, 2014 US Physics Olympiad, odd news, viral video, indian express

    epl standings

    Derek Muller, who runs a YouTube channel, recently rented a chopper to seek answers to a hypothetical scenario that was presented in the physics paper of a 2014 exam.

  • undp, undp dinosaur campaign, united nations climate change, COP26 global climate conference. un dont choose extinction, frankie the dino, indian express

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    A video released by the UNDP which shows a dinosaur asking the United Nations General Assembly to act immediately to avoid ‘extinction’ at the hands of climate change is going viral.

  • Rafael Nadal, Rafa Nadal, Rafa Nadal tennis academy, Rafa Nadal plays with oldest tennis player, Rafa Nadal plays with 97 year old player, good news, tennis news, sports news, indian express

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    Rafael Nadal welcomed his oldest opponent in court with a gentle rally, while the nonagenarian proved his burning desire to play with his favourite player by hitting balls around the court in fine fashion despite his age.

  • Meta, Facebook, Meta VR division, Facebook VR, Supernatural VR Meta, Meta acquires Within, Meta news, Facebook news

    handball skills developed

    While most joked about changing their brand name, US fast-food chain Wendy’s changed their Twitter name to ‘Meat’, and soon the Facebook parent company joined in a friendly banter.

  • kmart soccer ball size 4

    From coming up with creative acronyms for ‘Meta’ to sharing hilarious memes, Facebook’s major rebranding move has started a laughing riot online.

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